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1043 South Charles Street, Baltimore, MD, 21230, US

Phone: (410) 657-1051


At Ruben's, we're passionate about bringing the vibrant flavors of Mexico to the heart of Baltimore. Our mission is simple: to serve authentic Mexican cuisine that tantalizes your taste buds and keeps you coming back for more.

🌮 Simple Ingredients, Great Taste: Our burritos are filled with simple, high-quality ingredients that pack a punch of flavor. From savory meats to fresh veggies, every bite is a celebration of Mexican culinary tradition.

🌶️ Spicy, Savory, Sweet: Ruben's is everything you want in authentic Mexican. It’s spicy, savory, and sweet—a symphony of tastes that'll transport you south of the border.

🌯 Fan Favorites: Our Cali Burrito is a must-try: stuffed with steak, fries, Mexican cheese, and ranchito sauce. And don't miss our **signature hot sauce**, which adds a fiery kick to every dish.

🍹 Agua Frescas: Pair your meal with our refreshing agua frescas—from mango to jamaica, they're the perfect complement to your Mexican feast.

🌮 Late-Night Cravings: Craving Mexican late at night? Ruben's has you covered. We're open late on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, so swing by after a night out.

Ruben's is more than a taqueria—it's a flavor-packed journey through Mexico's culinary heritage. Come join us and experience the warmth, spice, and joy of Ruben's Mexican Food!🌮


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