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1035 South Charles Street, Baltimore, MD, 21230, US

Phone: (410) 347-7610


🍕The Angeli’s story began in 1986 in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was a small restaurant in a vibrant neighborhood with a goal to provide it’s community with delicious food, cooked fresh daily.

As the years went by, we created a family friendly atmosphere with the help of our employees, which helped Angeli’s take off into new heights, with the franchise expanding throughout the New Orleans Area. All was well, until Hurricane Katrina hit, leaving us financially limited and unable to hold on to our beloved Angeli’s.

Since its closing, our family had always pondered the prospects of bringing back the Angeli’s brand. Little Italy gave us an opportunity to make what was once a possibility into a reality, and bring back Angeli’s to a neighborhood as vibrant and as colorful as the one that we fell in love with all those years ago.

In our over thirty years of restaurant experience, the customer has come first. Our guests, know that we will always keep high standards for food and service. Just because the restaurant is casual, doesn’t mean we take what we do casually. We are committed to working with local farms and Italian Imported products, to give our guests an authentic Italian food experience.

Like the angel on our restaurant’s logo, we have no philosophy but love. We seek to spread the love from our employees, to our guests, and create a welcoming and family friendly environment.


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